Inland Empire Trapshooting Association
Club Shooting in the Inland Pacific Northwest
About Our Organization
Input from numerous individuals has resulted in reforming the Inland Empire Trapshooting Association (IETA) comprisied of member clubs spanning Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and other states as well.  The goal is to return the Inland Empire Handicap Trapshoot to quality and size that it once was. 2013 is the second year of the "new" association.

We hope that our efforts will enhance and improve shooting throughout the Inland Northwest. The purpose being the promotion of trapshooting within the region.  The emphasis will be on promoting the new shooter and youth, as well as providing a shoot that will incorporate top quality prizes and added money.  

The "new" Association will be responsible for managing the shoot, printing and mailing programs, buying trophies, selling advertising, raffle tickets and soliticing sponsorships for the events.  Added money will be a top priority, will be by yardage classes, and paid out on the percentage system to get more checks out to all shooters.  Additionally, the Raffle is back,  sponsored appreciation dinners free to the shooters.  Games on Thursday.  If you want more games other nights.  Just ask !

Member clubs will be the core of the association and will eventually share in the profits from the shoot.  Clubs will be asked to help with selling advertising and obtaining sponsors for the events as well as generally helping manage the shoot.

The length of the shoot will be reduced from five days to three competition days with a game day and a handicap on Thursday for 2013. One major change will be the Spokesman-Review Champion of Champion shootoff will be moved from a non-registered shoot in March to the Saturday singles program at the Inland.  This will recognize class champions as well as team shootoffs for the Club championship for the year.
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